Will the Suspension of My Out of State License be Lifted If I Pay Off My California Failure to Appear Ticket Fines and Fees?

  • As a California lawyer, I cannot answer exactly whether or not the [State DMV of another state] will lift the hold if a suspension in California is not cleared but the hold causing the suspension in California is cleared (see explanation below). You would have to ask an attorney well-versed in [that State’s] DMV procedures. I can tell you that California does not un-suspend a driving privilege for someone driving in California until a re-issue fee is paid, separate from any court fines and fees paid to clear the hold that caused the suspension.
  • This answer will first make the assumption that a ticket was issued to a person, whether correctly or not, with that persons identifying information, that did not have a California Drivers License, and that the ticket was not resolved timely, for what ever reason.
  • Someone driving in California may not have a California Drivers License but does have a privilege to drive. If that person is ticketed for a traffic violation, but does not go to court, or take other appropriate action, by the date on the bottom of the ticket, then, eventually, that driving privilege could be suspended. The suspension will not be lifted until the court reports to the DMV that the hold should be cleared. Then, once it is shown that the hold is cleared, either the person needs to have Cal. DMV re-issue the driving privilege by paying a $55 re-issue fee, or what ever course of action the DMV in that person’s State requires to have the suspension cleared. It does not matter that the person never had nor never will have a California Drivers License.
  • Fortunately, in California courts, an attorney can represent a defendant without the defendant present. Thus, an out-of-state defendant never has to come to California personally, so long as an attorney goes to court for him/her
David Milton Dastrup
David Dastrup, Speeding Ticket / Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Torrance, CA

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