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Sometimes the way to enjoy life is to allow the professionals to do their job. Getting pulled over by a police officer is an interesting experience, to say the least. Dealing with the traffic ticket once it is in your hands is especially challenging. Concerns arise about insurance, money, DMV record, court appearances, and even how you define yourself as a person, a driver, a friend, a reliable family member, and so on. Because “nobody walks in LA” we seem to define oursevles by our driving in some manner. However, to put things in perspective, a traffic ticket should not be a devestating, life-altering event.

This is why you need an attorney, such as the Law Office of David Dastrup. We understand the challenge that even the most stable and confident person experiences when, for example, you get a speeding ticket. In fact, there are many issues that our attorney will use to defend your interests. You have Constitutional Rights under the United States of America and the State of California that protect you in regards to your traffic ticket. Many of the same rights that we protect our clients with criminal cases also apply to our clients with traffic ticket cases.

You have the right to a speedy trial, the right to confront your accuser, the right to not have excessive bail, to not be subject to unlawful police searches, . . . and so on.

Because you are a person of integrity, you may wonder why you should fight your ticket even though you were, for example, caught speeding. When you hire the Law Office of David Dastrup, we fight for you based entirely on integrity that comes from “One Nation Under God,” using the Constitutional rights your Founding Fathers established, and later, congresspersons preserved, for you. These several rights you hold are kept alive today only when people like you put them to use. We will represent you and your rights in seeking to have your case dismissed.

When your case is dismissed, that essentially means that you have won in that there is no conviction, no fine, no state or court costs or fees, no traffic school, and, most importantly, no point on your DMV record.

In the alternative, if you case is not dismissed, there is a high probability that it will be reduced to a non-point violation, meaning no points on your DMV record, no need to take traffic school, no insurance rate hikes.

In the lesser likely alternative, a minority of case that we have handled in past have resulted in traffic school, sometimes with a reduced fine, sometimes the full fine. Sometimes the fine is reduced based on a guilty plea or guilty at trial. Sometimes there is no reduction.

There are no guaranteed results. The best that any attorney can do is to give you historical data of other case results, but there is no guarantee that your case will result in any particular way.

Regardless, other benefits of hiring an attorney is that you get access to the law that you would not have on your own. This is true especially when dealing with an attorney that answers your questions, explains the law, and takes the time to converse with you about your needs and concerns.

Hiring an attorney to represent you in court frees up your time. Going to court on your case can take several hours on several different days. For example, when you appear at arraignment–the first hearing–you will have to wait your turn in a courtroom full of people. Some courts,  in Orange County, for example, hold over two hundred people. In Los Angeles, one courthouse in particular handles hundreds of ticket every day. What these means for you is that you may be in court all day. On misdemeanors, it is extremely common that you are in court from 8:30 to sometime in the afternoon.

It is your choice. It can only help to ask an attorney directly at 310-210-2212.

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