Law Office of David Dastrup,

Law Office of David Dastrup,, defends clients throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County, California on traffic tickets and criminal cases. It was founded after Mr. Dastrup already had extensive experience handling literally thousands of clients who had traffic tickets, from infractions to misdemeanors. Mr. Dastrup actively practices in Los Angeles and Orange County, California and can be contacted at his website, emailing, or by calling 310-817-5899. His philosophy is that every client should talk directly to their attorney, and that attorney treats every case like it is his own case to win, fighting for the best possible outcome, with integrity and under the protections of the United States Constitution. Mr. Dastrup authors this blog to help his clients, and those interested for any reason, to understand the law, how it works, how it may apply to their situation, and to give them peace of mind on legal matters.

Law Office of David Dastrup Traffic Ticket Criminal Defense Attorney is focused on personalized customer service. After having worked for a large firm with secretaries outnumbering attorneys, Mr. Dastrup realized that he enjoyed making his clients happy with frequent, direct attorney communications to clients. Clients like updates quickly. Clients like text messages from their attorney to know the latest status of their case. Clients want phone calls explaining the issues and options as they arise. A letter in the mail is no longer sufficient to satisfy a client in this modern world of instant communications. Thus, Mr. Dastrup has taken the next step by serving his clients with instant updates.

Mr. Dastrup is the author of this blog. While the law cannot be learned in a day, we hope that this blog informs the public about why this country is so great. Even for a traffic ticket, you have constitutional rights that no court can ignore, no police officer circumvent, no prosecutor can re-write. The issue becomes asserting those rights, knowing when and how. First and foremost, one must understand what those rights are. Then, those rights must be applied.

Tackling the law is like chasing a quarterback. Big things get in the way. The law changes often. However, with professional guidance, that quarterback can be sacked! Our goal is to help you see the hole through the offensive line, and to keep your eye on the law.

At, we know the real-time issues are and how the courts are dealing with them. The law is always changing; the Constitution is alive. There are legal processes that make the law accessible. We know the law and how to use the legal process. We want to share all of this with you.