Represent Yourself vs. Attorney Represents You

Having the right tools can make all of the difference.

Going to court yourself may seem as foreign as what you are called, “propria persona.” The courtroom can feel like a foreign country, with its own language (legalese), its own army (bailiffs), and its own rules and procedures, not to mention the added ambiguity of the law.

In contrast, a trial attorney feels at home in the courtroom because he or she is in court everyday representing people like you. An attorney has bag full of legal tools and experience that created confidence and comfort in court.

In the alternative, you could hire an attorney to help you learn about the things you need to know and what you need to do to protect yourself. Unfortunately, the cost of this advice is probably more than having the attorney go to court with you. This is because there are so many variables which, by the very nature of being variable, are not known until the case unfolds. Great attorneys are prepared and able to deal with what is thrown at them at the last second. There is no way you could be as prepared with a little legal advice as an experienced attorney.

Remember, you are defending your driving privilege. This may not be something you want to risk to your own devices. That is why an attorney can be so valuable. On the other hand, just because an attorney represent you, does not mean you will win. The public judges an attorney by the ultimate result, regardless of whether or not the attorney did everything right and then some.

Side note: Yes, driving is only a privilege but it sure feels like it should be a right. You should protect that privilege like it is a right. However, the courts and the DMV clearly treat it like a privilege.


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